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“We have a responsibility to Humanity and the Planet to connect, grow, and become the most aligned versions of ourselves.”

Meet Tiffany 

Tiffany is the Founder of The Morning Shift®, where she works with organizations to bridge the well-being and work gap while creating mental and emotional sustainability through intentional morning practices. For the last decade, Tiffany has guided individuals and organizations to help them catalyze the inner and outer work necessary to transform their lives, leadership and performance.

Growing through her own personal journey of entrepreneurship, motherhood, and advocating for social change, Tiffany saw first hand what happens when the line between work and well-being is blurred and when the space necessary to navigate great seasons of change is never created—burnout, bug out and sometimes hitting a proverbial rock bottom is often the result. 

As a former Clarity Strategist and Coach to High Performers (and as one herself), Tiffany quickly realized that to create the meaningful impact we all say we want in our lives, work and in the world, we would have to push past the old paradigm of rise and grind to step into the new paradigm of what Tiffany calls “RISE + SHIFT!”

Growing up, her father often told her “Everyday we have an opportunity to wake up and bring on the big things in our lives!” Remembering this notion in some of her darkest times, Tiffany determined that along with this motivational thought, what’s also required to bring on “the big in our lives” would be real shifts in our mindsets, habits, and behaviors to match the change we seek. So she set out on a quest to study neuroscience and trauma-informed breath work to add to her arsenal of mindfulness, psychology and conscious leadership tools.

Now, Tiffany uses this Body/Brain connection to help her clients and audience unlock their true potential and move past fear, burnout and the day to day survival tactics keeping them in a mental, emotional, and physical state of distress. She inspires them to tap into their internal superpowers, take ownership of their change and Shift into what’s Possible.

Tiffany brings a fun and introspective approach to her Keynotes, Workshops and Retreats that will leave your attendees satisfied yet wanting more.

Ready to Shift?

On a Personal Note

On My Work: 

My work lies at the intersection of Change, Well-being, and Personal Growth. Everything I touch is to help create an inner and outer transformation. 

I believe that personal growth is not just for the individual but for our collective well-being. We are all shaping our homes, communities, workplaces–society. We all have a stake in our collective existence. 

And with this thought in mind, I live by a very simple yet potent motto: Live Purposefully and Lead Consciously. I believe that living purposefully (on purpose and with purpose) is what we owe to ourselves and leading consciously is what we owe to everyone else.

It’s our duty to discover and uncover who we are, what we want, and what matters so we live as the fullest, most whole versions of who we’re here to be. The change really does start with us. 

And I’m here for the work that is required. 

On My Life:

I like to think of my life as a living meditation–always learning, growing and expanding. I’m a teacher and a student. I am my own guru which forces me to challenge myself to be better than I was yesterday with a huge amount of grace and understanding. 

I live for slow intentional mornings (hence my work at themorningshift.co). I love talking for hours with my husband, singing with my daughter, and building blocks with my son. Catch me in the sun— Reading. Writing. Connecting (put me in a room full of people and I am in my happy place). I love talking about history, politics, and getting all philosophical–that’s my jam.  

I look forward to meeting at your next event!

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Tiffany's Official Bio

Tiffany is a leading  voice in personal growth, change, and wellbeing. She is a serial entrepreneur, a sought after Speaker and the Founder of  The Morning Shift Co. 

After surviving a life-threatening pregnancy and suffering postpartum depression all while building a business, Tiffany realized one of the biggest modern day plagues is the lack of space we hold for ourselves during our transitional periods. She quickly discovered in order to be a great mother, partner, entrepreneur, leader—human, it was pertinent for her to own her shift and move past the societal norm of bug out and burn out. Her intention to rediscover who she was, her purpose, and embrace her next chapter led to personal and professional breakthroughs that have catapulted her life and career. Tiffany is now dedicated to helping others do the same by creating conscious shifts in every aspect of their lives.

As the Founder of The Morning Shift Co., a company dedicated to creating intentional morning experiences to bridge the wellbeing and work gap, Tiffany is on a mission to instill mindfulness, change and intentionality as the cornerstone of supporting how we live, lead and work.

Today, Tiffany is fueled by the motto: Live Purposefully and Lead Consciously. Whether she is speaking to college students, entrepreneurs, creatives, community leaders or executives, Tiffany challenges her audience to re-discover who they are, what they stand for, and what matters. Known as the “Queen of Clarity,” her self-reflective approach helps her audience and clients overcome the obstacles holding them back from stepping into the fullest version of who they are here to be!

Tiffany’s eclectic background has made her a sought-after public speaker, trainer, and facilitator. She’s presented for top businesses, brands, universities and organizations including Capital One, United Way, U.S. Small Business Administration, and TEDx.

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