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International Keynote Speaker, Clarity Strategist, Conscious Shift-maker, and Founder of LPLC 360 Co.

Tiffany Lanier inspires you to make SHIFT happen.

Tiffany is a leading millennial voice in personal growth, meaningful work, and #TheFutureofLeadership. She is a serial entrepreneur, a renowned Inspirational Speaker and the Founder of LPLC 360 Co., a consciously-driven personal and leadership development company.
Although her journey for empowering change in others started in college, after surviving a complicated pregnancy and suffering postpartum depression (all while growing her business), Tiffany hit a proverbial rock bottom. Faced with back-to-back physical, emotional and financial setbacks, Tiffany had an epiphany and realized in order to be a great mother, partner, entrepreneur, leader, and human it was time to own her shift. Her intention to rediscover who she was, her purpose, and embrace her next chapter led to personal and professional breakthroughs that have catapulted her life and career. Tiffany is now dedicated to helping others create conscious shifts in every aspect of their lives.
Today, Tiffany is fueled by the motto: Live Purposefully and Lead Consciously. Whether she is speaking to college students, entrepreneurs, creatives, community leaders or executives, Tiffany challenges her audience to re-discover who they are, what they stand for, and what matters. Known as the “Queen of Clarity” her self-reflective approach helps her audience and clients overcome the obstacles holding them back from showing up more powerfully (and consciously) in the way they live, lead, and work.
Tiffany’s eclectic background in personal growth, business development, digital marketing, new media, and social change advocacy has made her a sought-after public speaker, trainer, and facilitator. She’s presented for top businesses, brands, universities and organizations including Capital One, United Way, DeVry, and TEDx.

“Tiffany is magnetic. She knows how to connect with the audience, subtly but firmly guides the discussion, and delivers a payout. I couldn’t take my eyes off her and was filled with optimism when she finished talking. She is an incredible speaker.” 

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“What I love the most about Tiffany is her ability to talk about the authentic, raw, and vulnerable stuff and be able to stay relatable to anyone in the audience.”

Here is what I know:
The World needs us to come alive.
Humanity needs us to take a stand.
And we need to be clear on what this means for our life, the way we lead and the work we do in the world.
I also know:
Sometimes we can’t get past our own mess, stories, or self-sabotage to do the things that we’re feeling called to do.
Sometimes the transitions of life seem too trying and it leaves us riddled with fear, doubt, and anxiety.
Sometimes it’s hard to do the “inner work” because then we have to actually face who we are.
Sometimes we feel like we’re spinning our wheels, unsure of our next move, and the growth or clarity we seek can’t come fast enough.
So what do we do?
We have to learn to allow for the Shift.
We have to know the journey of never-ending changes, twist, turns, ups, downs, and transitions are here to teach us valuable lessons. 
We have to learn to play in the waves of life’s changes vs. waiting for the tide to pass.
We have to work to uncover who we are along this journey and Shift into what’s possible along the way. 
This is what I call Awareness. 
This is what I call OWNING OUR SHIFT.
This is us, Consciously Choosing.
Because when we do:
We begin to connect to who we really are.
We have conviction in our truth.
And we become confident in our ability to show up, live our dreams, lead, and do powerful work in this world.
When I take the stage it is my job to bring all of this out in you and the audience. 
You will laugh, you may cry (good breakthrough tears), but most importantly you’ll leave inspired and ready to take conscious action to shift the way you live, lead, and work! 
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Own Your Shift

Overcome big [life] transitions with ease, grace, and unshakeable faith.


The Morning Shift

How changing your mornings will change your life, business, and SAVE humanity.


Next-Level LeaderSHIFT Required

Navigating the future of leadership.


The Video Shift

Humanizing your business and brand through authentic video creation and storytelling.
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Patty testimonial image

Patty Jagodzinski

Career Advisor, DeVry University

“I just wanted to thank you again for coming to our campus to present.  Your inspiring words and positive message truly inspired everyone in the room to reach for the stars!  You taught everyone that believing in oneself, and learning to tear down the negative barriers that we have all built within over the years is vital for success.  Your energy is contagious, and I know I left feeling empowered and ready to conquer myself and the world! I sincerely thank you for coming and sharing your story with our students.”
Kriste Peoples

Kriste Peoples

Founder of Black Woman Alliance of Denver

“If there’s one word I’d use to describe the range of talent Tiffany Lanier possesses, I’d say it was ‘complete’. As a facilitator, she’s knowledgeable and disarming; as a speaker to small or large groups, she’s captivating, warm and funny; as a coach and motivator, she is firm, encouraging and supportive. I’ve seen her speak on several occasions, I’ve benefited from her private coaching and had the good fortune to have her lead an empowerment workshop for my women’s group, and each experience taught me something valuable about the way I was showing up in my work and daily life. Tiffany inspired my women’s group with her own story and challenged us to be as great and bold as we dared. That was months ago, and still I’m excited about how much I’ve accomplished with the mind-shifting, life-changing tools she shared with us. Thank you, Tiffany!”
Alexa testimonial image

Alexa Carlin

CEO, Women Empower Expo

“Tiffany is an incredible speaker. Her words captivate the audience and brings them along on her journey towards self-discovery. She is passionate, professional and a pleasure to work with!”
yulia testimonial image

Yulia Konovnitsyna

Organizer, Creative Mornings Palm Beach

“What I love the most about Tiffany is her ability to talk about the authentic, raw, and vulnerable stuff and be able to stay relatable to anyone in the audience. We were so grateful to have her and blown away by her Magic. She should be brought in for any group or team needing to open up and connect to each other.”

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