Tale as old as time…

If you’ve been a part of the Live with Tiffany family love enough. you know my love for musicals and Disney runs deep.

So you can say I got a little excited about the latest Beauty and the Beast movie.

And since being introspective and holding space for others to shift into what’s possible for their life is my job, of course I found all the life lessons in the movie that deserved to be reflected on.

And yes..I sung a few lines 🙂

Watch today’s video here.

The 6 Life Lessons:

1.Change your Circle.

When Belle sings…’little town full of little people’…

She is not talking about tiny humans but she is referring to small minded people. People who are comfortable with their way of life and aren’t looking to expand, grow, and do something more. Now there is nothing wrong with that if that’s the life you want live, but if you’re feeling called for something more you must change your circle.

Belle knew that her poor provincial town was not going to be her life. She craved adventure, something more and through what seemed at the time to be a series of unfortunate events, the universe lead her to her desires.

2. Allow for the magic of life.

We often pray, beg, and envision something more for our lives–anything from how we’d like to feel to endeavors we wish to embark on. But more times than not we live in a state of resistance not willing to make the necessary changes to get what we ask for or we want. Instead we wait for these blessing to come in a beautifully gift wrapped box. And when it comes through the form of a series of unforeseen events, lessons, and a whole lotta of growth, we disregard them when they arrive.

There is magic all around us. If you think about your life and how some things of come to be about, you look back and see people places and things rearrange to give you more of what you want. Most of the time we don’t see it while it’s happening because it sometimes comes through as heart ache and pain but in hindsight it was all a part of the magic.

Which reminds of a quote from the alchemist “when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

3. Never stop being student.

Despite the whole town thinking belle is crazy for reading, she does it anyway. She’s constantly expanding her mind on what is possible. She knows there is so much more to life. The more we read, listen to audios, connect with others who are where we want to be in life, love, and happiness we’re reminded that they too are mere mortal and that their way of life is possible.

You don’t know what you don’t know. So keep expanding, keep learning.

4. The Shift is Real.

Change is inevitable, if you really want to change your life you have to allow for the change. Growing will cause tension, there will be resistance, there will be fear in leaving your old habits behind and stepping outside of your comfort zone…but everything lives in this state. The Growth you crave comes from the acceptance and being open to receive a new outcome.

So yea…the shift is sometimes, too real.

5: Fight for what you believe in.

A theme throughout the whole movie is Belle fighting for what she believes in. From being the funny girl in the village, to standing up to the beast, to fighting for the beast in the end. She stays true to her core desires and she is flexible in her growth and expansion to make room for new beliefs systems so she can continue the good fight.

6. Beauty lies within.

No mater who you try to be, how many material things you posses, how good looking you are at the end of the day your fulfillment comes from you loving you and you truly loving yourself and others.

When you become your best self you become the catalyst for others to become theirs.

So much goodness!

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Remember small shifts, lead to big change when you’re open to! Shift into what’s possible!

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