Shift into what’s Possible.

I’m here to transform audiences. The stage is where I come alive.

It’s time to SHIFT the conversation for GOOD.

I inspire and train today’s leaders, entrepreneurs, and changemakers (of all ages) to live purposefully and lead consciously.

From International Business Conferences to High School and College campuses, I create custom experiences that will leave your audience inspired and ready to make a positive change in their lives and the work they do.


Personal Growth and Development 

Conscious Leadership & Entrepreneurship

Diversity & Inclusion 

Personal Branding & New Media

Youtube & Social Video

Women Empowerment  


*Types of Talks and Presentations:
Keynotes, Seminars/Workshops, Breakout sessions, and Panel discussions.


Tiffany’s Speaker Bio


Tiffany Lanier is the CEO & Founder of A Modern Visionary, LLC and Creator of LivewithTiffany.com

Tiffany has made it her life’s work to be a Catalyst for Personal growth, Clarity, and Core-aligned leadership and entrepreneurship. As a young woman on a mission to help her clients and global audience live purposefully and lead consciously; Tiffany has used her personal brand and youtube videos to motivate, educate, and inspire everyday leaders to become more self-aware, take a stand for what they believe in, and do work that matters.

From the TEDx stage to the College Classroom, Tiffany has partnered with leading organizations to Speak and facilitate groups in conversations from entrepreneurship to diversity and has helped the next generation of leaders to define their gifts and expand their missions globally.

TEDX West Broward
Capital One
Social Fresh Conference
Florida State University
DeVry University Denver
PeaceJam SouthEast Conference
United Way of Palm Beach
Youth Biz, Inc
Young Americans Center For Financial Education
Young Entrepreneurs Academy (Palm Beach)
Creative Mornings Fort Lauderdale
Miami Mastermind with Fabiola Giordani
Black Woman Alliance of Denver
Ladies Lounge of Denver
Women’s Empower Expo
Women Who Startup Summit
Women In Business & Law
Daring Divas USA

Online Summits & Events

Do What you Love Revolution
Be the Real You Summit
Make Your Worth Summit
Face your Fears Summit

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“If there’s one word I’d use to describe the range of talent Tiffany Lanier possesses, I’d say it was ‘complete’. As a facilitator, she’s knowledgeable and disarming; as a speaker to small or large groups, she’s captivating, warm and funny; as a coach and motivator, she is firm, encouraging and supportive. I’ve seen her speak on several occasions, I’ve benefited from her private coaching and had the good fortune to have her lead an empowerment workshop for my women’s group, and each experience taught me something valuable about the way I was showing up in my work and daily life. Tiffany inspired my women’s group with her own story and challenged us to be as great and bold as we dared. That was months ago, and still I’m excited about how much I’ve accomplished with the mind-shifting, life-changing tools she shared with us. Thank you, Tiffany!”

–Kriste Peoples, Founder of Black Woman Alliance of Denver


“I just wanted to thank you again for coming last night to our campus to present.  Your inspiring words and positive message truly inspired everyone in the room to reach for the stars!  You taught everyone that believing in oneself, and learning to tear down the negative barriers that we have all built within over the years is vital for success.  Your energy is contagious, and I know I left feeling empowered and ready to conquer myself and the world!

I sincerely thank you for coming and sharing your story with our students.”

–Patty Jagodzinski, DeVry University Denver



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