Lin pleeeeeeeessssse.

I have to confess I do have a deep profound obsession with Lin-Manuel Miranda.

He’s a genius. Have you seen Hamilton? Probably not because tickets are hard to come by but if you’ve listened to that album and watch clips on youtube, you’d be obsessing too! I just know it!


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But listen, I was a fan before Hamilton….we go waaaaay back to “In the Heights”—loved everything about that show too!

Creating this video was deeper then my love for Lin-Manuel, wanting to meet him, or even interview him.

Creating this video was getting back to me.

My musical roots.

Becoming fully self-expressed again in my work. #TheSHIFTIsReal

Watch and see what I’m talking about. I was super nervous about sharing this. Talk about vulnerability!

You’re not the only one Shifting.

I’m still processing and discovery. Working to align as many talents as I can to make my craft truly my own.

I can’t have you do it and not do the work too!

Creating this video was so much fun! And a lot more work than I had originally planned.

But I’m happy how it turned out even though I never heard from Lin-Manuel…yet. I haven’t heard from him yet. I’m still open to receiving his acceptance call 🙂

But this video re-inspired me to make new videos and do it in a way that’s fun and creative.

I’m exciting for what I’ll come up with next. Stay tuned.

What have you done lately that has connecting you further to your work? How are you making it fun and worthwhile?



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