“If you want the things in your life to change, change the things in your life.”

You see that simple yet profound quote above, changed my life when I heard it.

In fall of 2012, I realized if I wanted to have a fulfilling life and do work I loved there were changes that needed to be made and with those changes I had to tap out.

Tap out of depression.

Tap out of bad relationships.

Tap out of self-limitation.

And instead, Shift.

Shift into a place of purpose.

Shift into a place of Love.

Shift into a place of never-ending growth.

But most importantly I had to shift my mind…

From thinking everything was always happening to me and that I had no control. I had to learn how to Shift the stories, the habits, and the behaviors that no longer served me so I could clear the space to open myself up for what I desired. The only thing holding me back, was me.

So instead of staying in the constant state of woe-is-me, I decided to come at life from a place of absolute growth.

But even with great shifts forward, we sometimes lose our way. I’ve realized over the years is that we are all forever shifting. Shifting forward into what we want and shifting backwards into what we don’t. But true power comes when we realize we have a choice.

So how do we step into this power and change our lives?

  1. Acknowledgement.

Acknowledging that there is something that needs to be changed.

  1. What do you want?

What areas in your life do you want to change? Within those areas, what are you searching for? Think deeper than the superficial of any situation, what feelings are you after?

  1. Make the decision to change and commit to it.

Thinking about it and saying it is one thing, DOING IT is another.

Make the decision and commit to yourself that you’re going to see this change through.

Like Tony Robbin’s says “Ever-lasting changes comes when you turn your “shoulds” into “Musts.”

Let me know one thing you’re changing in 2017 below.





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