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You can learn A LOT from Beauty & The Beast

Tale as old as time… If you’ve been a part of the Live with Tiffany family love enough. you know my love for musicals and Disney runs deep. So you can say I got a little excited about the latest Beauty and the Beast movie. And since being introspective and holding space for others to shift into what’s possible for their life is my job, of course I found all the life lessons in the movie that deserved to be reflected on. And yes..I sung a few lines 🙂 Watch… Read More

Do you have imposter syndrome?

Imposter syndrome is real!!! Especially if you’re leading, creating, and sharing your brilliance with the world. We’ve all been there, where we question ourselves and have those “Who am I to do this __” moments! But in order to do great work in the world we must overcome the fear to lead. Overcome the noise in our heads that tell us we’re not great. Overcome fear of judgement.

Am I living my Purpose today?

If you’re not 100% satisfied with where you are in your life especially as it pertains to the work you do, since that’s such a huge part of our lives, then you’re probably wondering, “Am I living on purpose?” Is what I’m doing now have anything to do with the work I’m passionate about? And if not, will I ever do work what reflects my purpose or my passion? In today’s video I give you my philosophy on purposeful work and why the work you’re doing right now actually matters…. Read More

3 Types of Vision Boards

Happy New Year! (I can still say that lil the end of January, right?!) A few weeks ago, I shared a video with my audience on my personal vision board creation process. It’s a 10 step process that’s super fun and therapeutic, people seem to really love it! If you want to see the process, you can watch it here.  But shortly after the video was released, I started to get some interesting feedback. People just didn’t have the “time” to create a traditional vision board or they didn’t want… Read More

Can you forgive yourself?

As we wrap up 2016, you may be feeling like this was not your best year ever. And if that’s the case, know that it’s ok! This, too, shall pass. Fortunately for us we have new days, new weeks, and New Years to try again. But if you’re having a hard time letting some of the mishaps and missteps go, one trick that has worked really well for me to move on–is through forgiveness. Forgiveness, can you imaaaaagine (if you’re into “Hamilton” the musical you would have caught that line…. Read More

How to Change Your Life

“If you want the things in your life to change, change the things in your life.” You see that simple yet profound quote above, changed my life when I heard it. In fall of 2012, I realized if I wanted to have a fulfilling life and do work I loved there were changes that needed to be made and with those changes I had to tap out. Tap out of depression. Tap out of bad relationships. Tap out of self-limitation. And instead, Shift. Shift into a place of purpose. Shift… Read More