As we wrap up 2016, you may be feeling like this was not your best year ever. And if that’s the case, know that it’s ok! This, too, shall pass.

Fortunately for us we have new days, new weeks, and New Years to try again. But if you’re having a hard time letting some of the mishaps and missteps go, one trick that has worked really well for me to move on–is through forgiveness.

Forgiveness, can you imaaaaagine (if you’re into “Hamilton” the musical you would have caught that line. I can’t help myself)!

But seriously, self-Forgiveness was HUGE for me this year.

As I worked further with my own mentors I realized how much anger towards myself I was harboring. Deep rooted anger for things I didn’t do or accomplish from years before. And holding on those ill feelings and emotions are counter productive towards my new dreams and goals today.

In today’s video, we talk about the importance of forgiving yourself and an exercise that’s really therapeutic to help you do so, right in time for the new year.

Let me know if you’ll be doing the Forgiveness exercise below!

Cheers to Forgiveness and New Beginnings!




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