The ONE thing I love about Election Years | My 2016 Presidential Election takeaway

This election was craaaaaaazy. No if, and’s, or but’s about it. But I notice one thing about myself, every election year—that I become MORE involved. Once the the fussing and fighting dies down it’s easy to become complacent in our society. It’s easy to go back to everyday life. But we can’t expect Shift humanity forward through complaceny. Watch today’s video to hear my take what I absolutely love about election years and how on we can shift the world together. I’m sure we can come up with a laundry… Read More

Dear Lin-Manuel Miranda | Can I interview you?

Lin pleeeeeeeessssse. I have to confess I do have a deep profound obsession with Lin-Manuel Miranda. He’s a genius. Have you seen Hamilton? Probably not because tickets are hard to come by but if you’ve listened to that album and watch clips on youtube, you’d be obsessing too! I just know it! (photo credit: But listen, I was a fan before Hamilton….we go waaaaay back to “In the Heights”—loved everything about that show too! Creating this video was deeper then my love for Lin-Manuel, wanting to meet him, or… Read More

Taking risk to live & work inspired

A Leeeeaaaaap of Faith (in my best RENT “Over the Moon” voice) Taking risk is one of the hardest things we can ever do but it’s also the most essential if we can succeed in this thing we call life. Listen to my Creative Morning Fort Lauderdale Talk “Taking risk to live & work inspired” We all have it in us to create lives and careers we love but it’s going to take us to push past the fear and jump out of our comfort zones! Cheers to the BIG… Read More