…here to Live Purposefully, Lead Consciously, and Shift into all the beautiful possibilities. And I’m dedicated to help you do the same.

Here is what I know:
The World needs us to come alive.
Humanity needs us take a stand.
And we need to be clear on what this means for our life and the work we do in the world.

I also know:
Sometimes we can’t get past our own mess, stories, or self-sabotage to do the things that we’re feeling called to do.
Sometimes it’s hard to do the “inner work” because then we have to actually face who we are.
Sometimes we feel like we’re spinning our wheels, unsure of our next move, and the growth or clarity we seek can’t come fast enough.

Oh and I know this too:
Despite all of the above, we’re overcomers.
We’ve been through a lot and we’ve learned to push through it yet
deep down inside we know (because we feel it) there is something missing…
We show up in the world just enough to look like we’re doing something but not enough to leave our comfort zones.Just enough to stay afloat in this thing we call life but not enough to feel it’s expansive nature.Not enough to challenge the identity we’ve created.

But that is about to change because here is what we both know:
We are ready for a change.
We are ready for growth.
We are ready to live a life of purpose.
We are ready to become better leaders and humans on this planet.
And we are ready to take a stand and be intentional about how we operate in this life.

We know we’re meant for more and it’s time to play a bigger game.
How do I know all this? Because this is my story too.
What I’ve learned about myself over the years is: I’m not that great for the people around me and my capacity to play a bigger game in the world is stifled if I’m:
  • Suffering
  • Stuck
  • Unclear
  • Unmotivated
  • Unsure of myself and what I want to do in my life.
  • Feeling like I’m living in a state of limbo…
I know you feel me because we’ve all been there.

I’ve also realized is that Life is a Shift Show. Yes, SHIFT-show. It’s a journey of never ending changes, twist, turns, ups, downs, and transitions.

But it’s time to play in the waves of life’s changes vs. waiting for the tide to pass.
No more sticking your head in the sand and not dealing with the issues at hand.
Instead, we can work to uncover who we are along this journey and Shift into what’s possible along the way. 

We can learn to live in the space of miracles and expansion.

Because we’re infinite.
Because we hold the power.
Because we deserve to live a more fulfilled life.

The possibilities of–
Better relationships.
Better health.
Better careers.
Better businesses.
Better finances.
A Better World.

And it all starts with us–
Who we are and who we want to be.

It’s time. We must elevate ourselves, our mind, and our mission to make it happen.

I appreciate you staying til the end of that rant;) Here is my invitation to you:
If you’re down for some deep philosophical conversations, doing the “inner work” to shift into a higher version of who you are and the work you do, becoming Introspective AF, creating from the core of who you are so you can live purposefully, lead consciously, and create massive shifts in your life and in the World. I’m here for ALL of it.

Let’s do this.

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Fun Facts

  1. I live by two quotes:“If you want the things in your life to change, change the things in your life.” And “Be the Change you Wish to See in the World.”–As you can see I’m always down for change.
  2. I LOVE Musicals. Yes, musicals. Total show tunes head.
  3. BBQ. If you ever want to take me to eat. BBQ or sushi…not necessarily together.
  4. Slightly obsessed with Afros. But you probably figured that out by now.
  5. I love nature. I love the trees, moon, sun, wind, water, animals but I’m really afraid of bugs.
  6. I love to travel. I’ll see you an upcoming retreat somewhere around the world soon.
  7. My daughter is my everything. We named her Autumn Sky  (so now you see my love for nature played out lol)


Official Bio


Tiffany Lanier is the Founder of LivewithTiffany.com. She is a millennial Public Speaker, Facilitator, Inspirational Content Creator and Clarity Coach for Personal and Business Growth.Tiffany uses her platforms to inspire, motivate, and educate her audience to live purposefully and lead consciously.

She is known as the “Queen of Clarity,” and works closely with the next generation of leaders, entrepreneurs, and changemakers, helping them become clear and aligned with who they are and what they stand for so they can create life-changing impact in both their inner and outer world.

Over the last 7 years, Tiffany has consulted, coached, and trained entrepreneurs and leaders on personal growth and development, building conscious-driven businesses, and creating personal brands with a global reach.

As a humanist and activist, Tiffany is a firm believer that we ALL have a responsibility to humanity and the planet to connect, grow and become the best versions of ourselves–because that alone is world changing.

Connect with Tiffany @Livewithtiffany across Social Media.