A deeper look…
2015 broke me.

I felt lost.

Yet I was “suppose” to feel…

I had just gotten out of a rough period, which was my pregnancy.
The one where they told me I’d lose my child before the 24-week mark.
The one where they told me I could lose my life in the process.
I had use my mindset tools, good vibes, and spirit guides to shift from panic to purpose.

I overcame it.

My daughter was born healthy and right on time.
Despite the chaos, I had managed to build momentum in my business.
And was doing considerably well with a newborn, keeping up with client work, being “visible.”

But by Fall of 2015, I felt stuck.
I was tired (well I wasn’t getting much sleep so that makes sense).
I started to let my circumstances get the best of me.
I lacked clarity in my life and in my business.
I didn’t feel in alignment.

And the irony is that I’m a clarity coach so I felt even worst.
I started to shut down.

Not take on as many clients.
Felt like a horrible mother half the time.
I definitely wasn’t feeling like my joyous self.
Some might say I was battling postpartum depression.
Maybe I was.

I felt I had ridden myself of depression with all my mindset tools a few years prior so I didn’t even entertain that thought.
But at the same time, I felt some deeper calling that I couldn’t put my finger on.
There was something quite literally trying to come through me when it came to my vision and the work I did.

But I was in serious resistance.
I felt I had worked too hard to build what I had to Pivot and Shift into something else.

Lucky for me, my message and brand expanded without me even being conscious of the change.

Because it was coming through me whether I wanted it to or not.
And this SHIFT was indeed real.
As I began to open up to the idea of this soul level expansion.
With the help of my mentors and a personal revelation,

I began to “do the work” on myself.
I began to process.
I became Introspective AF.
I sat with myself.
I cried.
I uncovered.
I Allowed.

And I did all this work through my morning practice.

There were things I needed to shift inwardly and outwardly.
There were changes I wanted to see.
There were places that I wanted to grow.
And I had to learn to hold space for my growth and understanding in a way that I had never done before.

One year later…

Everything feels different.

I shifted my relationship with myself in every way, shape, and form.
I gained all the clarity I could ask for when it comes to the next phase of my vision and mission.

I am a better mother, lover, daughter, and working to mend all my relationships where there was a disconnect.

As I write this I am crying because it’s been so hard to understand and put into words over the last 18 months. And I did the best I could with what I’ve created and continued to put out into the world.

And then I realized you should be careful about what you wish for.
I had asked the universe to help me dig deeper into the work I knew I was called to do and not just the work I felt compelled to do based on my mechanical skill set.

I had to do the work and go through the trenches to know how to communicate it more effectively.

I had to go through it to hold space for the transitions in life that we all face but have a hard time processing.

I help you pivot and shift into what’s possible because I know there is so much that is.

Hi, I’m Tiffany Lanier. Thank you for being on this journey with me and welcome to the next chapter of Live with Tiffany.

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